How do you rotate a video in Windows Media Player?

Issuing time: 2022-06-23

There are a few ways to rotate a video in Windows Media Player. The easiest way is to use the mouse. Just click and drag the video around the screen. Another way is to use the keyboard shortcuts. To rotate a video 90 degrees, press Ctrl+Alt+R (Windows) or Command+Option+R (Mac). To rotate a video 180 degrees, press Ctrl+Alt+T (Windows) or Command+Option+T (Mac). Finally, you can also use the Rotate Video command on the Tools menu in Windows Media Player. This command lets you rotate a video by using your mouse or keyboard.If you want to keep your original orientation but want to change how long each side of the video is displayed, you can use the WMP Picture Viewer's Fit Width and Fit Height commands. These commands let you resize a picture so that it fits within either its original width or height dimensions, but displays each side of the picture for twice as long as it would normally be displayed.To learn more about rotating videos in Windows Media Player, visit our website at


Is it possible to rotate a video in WMP?

Yes, it is possible to rotate a video in WMP. To rotate a video in WMP:1. Open WMP2. Click the Media tab3. Select the video you want to rotate4. Click the Rotation button5. Choose one of the following options:None - The video will not be rotatedNone - The video will not be changed6. Click OK7. Your video has been rotated!

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How can I fix a rotated video in WMP?

Rotating a video in Windows Media Player is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Media Player and select the video you want to rotate.
  2. Click the Rotation button on the toolbar (or press Ctrl+R).
  3. Select the desired rotation angle from the menu that appears.
  4. Click OK to finish rotating the video.

What is the best way to rotate videos in Windows Media Player?

There are a few different ways to rotate videos in Windows Media Player. The easiest way is to use the QuickTime controls on the toolbar. Just click and drag the video around to change its orientation. Another option is to use the Rotation slider in the Video Properties window. Finally, you can use the shortcut keys: Ctrl+Alt+R (for portrait mode) or Ctrl+Alt+U (for landscape mode).

Why are my videos upside down or sideways in WMP?

There are a few reasons why your videos might be rotated in Windows Media Player. One possibility is that you accidentally rotated the video while trying to view it. Another possibility is that the video was rotated when it was copied from a DVD or another source onto your computer. If you're using WMP to play a movie file, you can rotate it by selecting the video and clicking the Rotate Video button on the toolbar. You can also rotate videos by using one of the following methods:

a) Right-click onthevideoandselectCopyfromTheWeb fromthemenuthatappears.(OrchooseFile>Copy.) ThenopenWMP'sInternetExplorerandtypewww.[YOURWEB SITE URL].com/[VIDEO FILE NAME] intotheaddressbar.(Forinstance,ifyouwanttoconvertamoviefilenamedMyVideo.wmvintoanHTMLdocumentonmysitewww.[YOUR WEB SITE URL].com/MyVideoHTML/,youwouldtypewww.[YOUR WEB SITE URL].com/MyVideoHTML/ intotheaddressbarofIE.) WhenWMPasksforarequestfilename(.),enter filenamewithoutextension(.).

b) DraganddropamovieontotheMediaPlayerwindowfromWindows Exploreroranyotherapplicationthatsupportsdraganddropoperation.(YoucancopyamoviedirectlyfromDVDSubtitlescreenusingAVIRECORDINGTOWMPDVD.)WhenWMPasksforarequestfilename(.),enter filenamewithoutextension(.).

  1. Right-click the video and select Properties from the menu. On the General tab, click Options and then click Rotate Video. The Rotation dialog box will appear. Click OK to close it and then specify how you want WMP to rotate the video (clockwise or counterclockwise).
  2. Double-click the video file to open it in WMP's Media Player window. On the Playback tab, under Display options, click Advanced . In the Rotation field, type a number between 0 (clockwise) and 360 (counterclockwise). To stop rotatingthe video, type -1 in this field.
  3. Drag and drop a copy ofthevideofromyourcomputerontoWMP'sMediaPlayerwindow.(Ifyouhaven'talreadycopiedthevideoontoyourcomputerfromaDVDoranothersource,youcandoitbyusingoneofthefollowingmethods.)

Can't seem to figure out how to rotate my video files using WMP... help!?

Windows Media Player can't seem to rotate videos the way that you want them to. There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest is probably through Windows Explorer. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where your videos are stored. Right-click on one of the videos and select "Properties." In the "General" tab, click on the "Rotation" button. This will open up a dialog box in which you can specify how you want the video to be rotated. You can either choose a specific angle or let Windows Media Player determine an angle for you. Once you've selected an angle, click on OK to close the dialog box and save your changes.

Anyone know how to make Windows Media Player rotate videos properly?

I've tried a few things, but I'm not sure how to do it.Can someone help me out?

- Auto Rotation: Windows Media Player will automatically rotate the video as needed.

- Manual Rotation: You can manually rotate the video by using one of the following methods:

- Clockwise or Counterclockwise: Rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise around their center point, respectively.

- Angle in Degrees: Rotate videos by specifying an angle in degrees (for example, 90 degrees).

  1. Open Windows Media Player and select the video you want to rotate.
  2. Click the "Rotate" button on the toolbar (it looks like a hand with three fingers).
  3. Select one of the following options:
  4. Click OK to finish rotating the video.

If I try to play a video file upside down, will WMP automatically turn it the right way up for me?

No, WMP will not automatically rotate a video for you. You will need to manually rotate the video using the rotation controls in WMP.

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