How does Android 21's idea of good vs. evil compare to other characters in the series?

Issuing time: 2022-09-24

Android 21 is unique in that she believes in a pure form of good and evil. Other characters in the series may believe in shades of gray, or they may not have a clear idea of what constitutes good and evil. For example, Goku believes that there are many ways to achieve victory, while Vegeta believes that only strength matters. Android 21's view is different because it is based on a strict code of ethics. She also has a very strong belief system, which can sometimes get her into trouble. For example, when she tries to kill Goku during their battle at the World Martial Arts Tournament, he is able to resist her attacks and eventually defeats her.

How does Android 21's morality affect her character development?

Android 21 is a villain in the Dragon Ball series. She first appeared in the episode "The Return of Android 21". Android 21 is a powerful android who was created by Dr. Gero and ordered to kill Goku. However, she eventually defects from her evil masters and helps Goku defeat them. Android 21's morality affects her character development because she starts out as an antagonist but later becomes a hero. Her change of heart shows that there are good people in the world even if they are villains, which teaches children that everyone has something good inside them. This makes Android 21 a role model for children and shows them that it is possible to change and become better people.

Is Android 21 truly good or evil, and why?

Android 21 is a mysterious and powerful android who first appeared in the manga and anime series "Dragon Ball Super." She is the daughter of the villainous Android 18 and the Supreme Kai of Universe 7. Android 21 was created with the intention of destroying all other universes, but she eventually decides to destroy her own universe instead, in order to create a new one where only she will rule. Some people believe that Android 21 is good because she wants to help create a better future for everyone, while others believe that she is evil because she wants to rule over everyone. It's hard to say definitively which sideandroid 21 is on, but whichever side you take, it's clear that she is an incredibly complex character with a lot of hidden motives.

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Android was first released in 2008 as a mobile operating system for smartphones powered by the Linux kernel and designed primarily by Andy Rubin of Android Inc., with help from others at Google.[1] The name "Android" is derived from "Astro Boy", an American animated television series created by Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka that was popular in Japan during the 1960s and 1970s. Hiroshi Lockheimer, then Vice President of Engineering at Google, saw the potential of developing a phone OS based on this classic cartoon character,[2] although no reference to Astro Boy was made until after development began.[3][4]

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Some people believe that android 21 good vs evil is about freedom while others believe it's about control or having too much power over people's lives. Some people also say that it depends on how you look at it because some things that may seem bad can actually be good if done in the right way or if used for a good cause such as stopping crime or helping people who need it most. Overall though there are many different opinions about android 21 good vs evil so everyone has their own perspective on what they see as being either good or bad within this topic area.