What was Alice's role in Detroit: Become Human?

Issuing time: 2022-06-24

Alice was a key character in Detroit: Become Human. She was the android who helped Connor and Kara during their escape from the factory. Alice also played a role in helping them find shelter and food. Overall, Alice was a helpful ally to Connor and Kara.

How did Alice contribute to the game's story?

Alice is a minor character in Detroit Become Human, but her role in the game's story is significant. She helps protagonist David escape from the city and joins him on his journey to find other survivors. Alice provides critical information about the city and its inhabitants, helping David navigate his way through hostile territory. Her knowledge also proves instrumental in helping David fight against the machines. Overall, Alice's contributions make her an important part of Detroit Become Human's narrative.

What kind of character is Alice?

Alice is a very curious and adventurous character. She loves to explore new places and meet new people. She is also a very determined person, which helps her achieve her goals. Overall, Alice is a friendly and likable person who will make friends easily.

How does Alice differ from the other androids in the game?

Alice is the only android in Detroit Become Human who does not have a human-like appearance. She is instead designed to look like a classic robot, with white skin and silver metal body. This makes her stand out from the other androids, who are all designed to look like humans.

Another difference between Alice and the other androids is that she has no memory of being human. This means that she doesn't understand why people behave the way they do, or why things happen the way they do in the game. She relies on dialogue trees to learn about these things, which can be confusing for players who are used to playing video games where characters automatically react to events around them.

Overall, Alice is an interesting character who provides a different perspective on the events taking place in Detroit Become Human. Her lack of understanding can be frustrating for some players, but others may find it refreshingly new.

Why did Quantic Dream choose to make Alice an android?

The decision to make Alice an android was made for a variety of reasons. One reason is that it allowed Quantic Dream to explore the idea of artificial intelligence in a new way. Another reason is that it allowed them to create a more realistic and believable character than they would have been able to if she were human. Finally, making Alice an android also gave the game a greater sense of scale and complexity, as android characters are often depicted as being much stronger and more powerful than humans.

How does Alice's design reflect her character personality-wise?

Alice's design reflects her character personality-wise in that she is creative and imaginative. Her outfit also reflects this, with its bright colors and intricate designs. This shows that Alice is someone who is not afraid to be different, and who likes to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, her name – which is derived from the fictional book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" – suggests that she has a whimsical side, and is perhaps more interested in fantasy than reality. All of these factors together paint a picture of an individual who is creative, imaginative, and perhaps even a little bit fanciful.

How did the voice actress who portrayed her conveyAlice's characteristics through performance?

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as the voice actress who portrayed Alice may have conveyed Alice's characteristics through performance in a variety of ways. However, some key factors that may have contributed to conveying Alice's characteristics through performance include her voice and delivery, body language, and overall persona.

For example, the voice actress's voice may have been key in conveying Alice's characteristic of being kind and compassionate. Her delivery of lines may also have helped to convey this characterization, as it was often soft-spoken and gentle. Additionally, her body language could also be seen as important in portraying Alice; for example, she often tended to keep her hands folded together or held close to her chest. Overall, these various elements - including the voice actress's ability to deliver lines convincingly and project warmth and kindness - likely contributed to making Alice come across as a compassionate individual.

What do you think motivatesAlice throughout Detroit: Become Human ?

Motivation is a complex and multi-layered concept. For Alice, motivation may stem from her need to protect those she cares about, her desire for revenge against those who have hurt her in the past, or simply the need to survive. Regardless of its source, Alice's motivation will always be driven by her emotions.

Discuss a scene or moment that you feel best represents Alice as a character.?

When Alice first arrives in Detroit, she is a scared and lost young girl. She is not sure what to do or where to go, but she slowly starts to find her way and make new friends. One of the most memorable scenes from the show is when Alice meets a group of homeless teenagers who help her learn more about herself and life. They teach her how to stand up for herself and be proud of who she is, even if that means standing up to people who try to tell her that she can't do something. This scene shows just how strong and determined Alice can be, which is why it represents her best as a character.

Do you think that there is more to Alice than meets the eye, or is she exactly what she appears to be?

When Detroit became human, Alice was one of the first people to be brought over. She seems like a sweet and innocent girl, but is she really as harmless as she seems? There are some things about her that suggest that there might be more to her than meets the eye.

For example, when Detroit became human, Alice was one of the first people to be brought over. She doesn't seem to have any memories from before she became human, which suggests that she may not have always been this way. It's possible that before becoming human, Alice was something else - maybe even something dangerous.

Another thing to consider is Alice's relationship with Detroit. At first it seems like they're just friends - but there are some hints that their relationship might be more than just friendly. For example, when Detroit becomes human, Alice helps him find his place in the world and teaches him how to live as a human. It's possible that their relationship goes beyond friendship - and into something more romantic.

.What do you believe is the significance of the name Alice?

The name Alice has a significant meaning in many cultures. In the United States, Alice is often used as a nickname for people with short names. The name Alice is also used as the title of books and movies about a girl who goes through adventures. Some believe that the name Alice has significance because it is short and easy to remember. Others believe that the name Alice symbolizes strength and courage. Whatever the reason, the name Alice has been around for centuries and will continue to be popular for years to come.